Current Courses:

Ask about courses and experience that may qualify you for exemptions from Illinois statutory requirements.

Course 1:
Illinois Concealed Carry 1 (8 hours), or
NRA Basic Pistol

This course qualifies as the first 8 hours towards your Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing requirements. Not sure whether you want/need a Concealed Carry License? Take this course to familiarize yourself with the concept of firearms and their use. This course will provide you with the basic skills, knowledge and attitude to possess and use a personal firearm. Including, but not limited to, identifying types of guns, how those different types of guns work; proper operation of various firearms (loading and unloading); gun part identification; cleaning of firearms; firearm handling; clearing malfunctions; and proper sight alignment so you can hit your target.

Course 2:
Illinois Concealed Carry 2
This course is the second eight hours required to apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry License. If you have qualifying courses, you can simply take this course and apply for your CCL. This course encompasses the statutory requirements related to owning and carrying a concealed (or mostly concealed) firearm. It also includes practice drawing from a concealed posture and accurate aiming, trigger pull and follow through using laser training pistols. As an attorney and former prosecutor, you will receive a unique insight into the legal aspects of concealed carry and dealing with the aftermath of a defensive use of firearm incident. Basically, you’re getting eight hours of free legal advice to help you handle the inevitable outcome of a concealed carry event.

AHF will work with those that don’t have the time to spend an entire weekend attending class. We can arrange for successive weekends in 4 or 8 hour increments. AHF will provide individualized training, however this is done at an enhanced rates. AHF will also provide a discount to those that have a group of participants (5-10).

Ladies ONLY Courses:
AHF understands that many women, whose husbands (or significant others) have numerous weapons, may not feel comfortable trying to learn about guns with guys around. AHF will cater to those women by providing ladies only courses. These courses will be established as the need arises, but will focus on training YOU to out shoot HIM the next time you go to the range!