Legal Issues

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Current legal trends related to guns, concealed carry and the 2nd Amendment.

Madiganistan, the land of wanna be Dictators!!!
We all know that the State of Illinois is run by Michael (soon to be indicted) Madigan and his cronies. Governor JB Pritzker has done nothing to change the direction that Illinois is heading; and has only made the situation worse. First, stop electing these people to public positions; they aren't helping protect your rights. Second, get active; confront these "public servants" at town halls (if they actually hold one) and support your state rifle association or other 2A group. Always be civil and courteous when raising your concerns to public officials, as they don't like to be called out for their hypocrisy and double dealing. Finally, educate yourself on the power grabs that are occurring right before our eyes. All in the name of "saving just one life" or "public safety"…our politicians are trying to disarm the general public; this leads to tyranny, just ask Ben…
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Support the Illinois State Rifle Association, the National Rifle Association, the National Gun Owners Association, or any other legitimate entity that helps to fight for your 2A rights and against government over reach!!!